Academic Advising

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General Academic Advising Resources

Overview of Middle School Curriculum

Each student at Stone Middle School will take seven classes each semester.  Five of the seven periods are filled with courses that are required for all students: English, math, social studies, science, and physical education. The remaining two periods are filled with a combination of yearlong and/or semester courses from the following departments: visual or performing arts, business and information technology, family and consumer science, world languages, leadership, and engineering.

To supplement the regular education curriculum, several courses are offered to give students additional support in developing English and math skills necessary for success at the high school level. Stone Middle School also provides ESOL and SPED classes to support students’ academic needs. 

For more detailed information on courses offered at Stone Middle School, view the course catalog and the information below. 

Timeline of Academic Advising

Rising 9th Grade Virtual Parent Night hosted by Westfield HS

January 11, 2022

  • Link emailed out to parents 

Rising 9th Grade Course Selection Virtual Presentation through Panther Block

January 13, 2022

  • Link in Schoology Student All Course > Zoom

Rising 9th Grade 1:1 Academic Advising with Stone School Counselors through HPE classes

January 14- February 11, 2022


*Selections due by February 11, 2022

Rising 7th Grade Virtual Parent Curriculum Night

February 10, 2022

  • Link will be emailed out to parents the day prior
  • General information live session and asynchronous course information will be provided; Q&A

Rising 7th Grade Elementary Visits by Stone School Counselors to ES schools


Rising 7th Grade Visit to Stone MS (TBD)*

February 14- February 18, 2022

  • Deer Park ES 2/18, Virginia Run ES 2/16, London Towne ES 2/17, Cub Run ES 2/16, Bull Run ES 2/15
  • Non-feeder schools will have a Virtual session on February 14, 2022

Rising 7th Grade students course selections with Elementary School Counselor support

February 21- March 4, 2022


*Selections due by March 4, 2022

  • All current 6th Grade students can access more information via Schoology > Group > Stone MS Course Selection Information or on the Stone website.

Rising 8th Grade 1:1 Academic Advising with Stone School Counselors through HPE classes

February 24- March 11, 2022


*Selections due by March 11, 2022

  • Students can access information and resources in Schoology Group > Stone MS Course Selection Information or on Stone website.

Course Booklet

7th and 8th grade online course booklet - Stone Middle School Catalog 22-23.pdf

Curriculum Night Information

Electives Video

Check out some of our Elective offerings at Stone in this video.

ESOL Program

The mission of ESOL services is to prepare students to be college and career ready by developing students’ academic English language proficiency through integrated content-based language instruction. ESOL services foster academic achievement, critical thinking and problem solving through engaging curricula, professional development and advocacy for English learners.

Learn more here.

SPED Program

Learn more here.

Taking Honors Classes

Honors classes, aligned with national standards for gifted and talented education, are open to all students who seek academic rigor. Fairfax County offers open enrollment in Honors classes and parents may enroll their child in Honors science, social studies and/or English classes.

Students who have demonstrated high achievement, interest, and/or potential in one or more academic areas may be ready to take Honors classes. Students eligible for full time Level IV center placement have the option to take full honors at their local middle school. Enrollment in Honors classes takes place in the spring during the course selection process. At that time, parents/guardians may choose which science, English and/or social studies Honors classes will best meet the needs of their child.

Learn more here.

How to Register for Courses

This document will guide students through the process of selecting Course Requests online in StudentVue. This process is only for all middle and high schools.

PDF version of 7th & 8th course catalogs.

Rising 7th Grade

Academic Advising Presentation (R7)

Online Course Catalog (Rising 7th)

See the course offerings for rising 7th graders for the 2022-23 school year. 

Course Selection Sheet (Rising 7th)

Below the course sheet students will use to select courses for the 2022-23 school year. 

7th grade Course Selection Form_0.pdf

Student Survival Tips for the Transition to Middle School

Middle school is a great opportunity to meet new people and begin to explore who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life. It can also be a difficult time, as there are a lot of things that are changing in your life. You are meeting new people. There are more choices and decisions to make. Instead of being in one classroomwith one teacher all day, you now have multiple teachers. You no longer stay in one classroom; instead, you have to switch classes for different subjects. You will be faced with more responsibilities.

Here are a few tips to help you with the middle school transition. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers, counselors, or staff at your school if you need help.

Rising 8th Grade

Online Course Catalog (Rising 8th)

See the course offerings for rising 8th graders for the 2022-23 school year. 

Course Selection Sheet (Rising 8th)

Below is the course sheet students will use to select courses for the 2022-23 school year. 

8th grade Course Selection_1.pdf

Rising 9th Grade

Westfield HS Academic Advising and Curriculum Information

At Westfield High School our goal is to provide a challenging academic program that will match the interests and talents of all students.  We encourage students to consider their interests, outside of school responsibilities and goals when selecting courses in order to create a balanced academic schedule.

Learn more at the Westfield Academic Advisng and Curriulum website.

Did you miss the presentation or want to review what was shared with all 8th graders during Panther Block on Jan. 11? You can watch the recording here

Online Course Catalog (Rising 9th)

Explore the course offerings for 9th graders for the 2022-23 school year in this course catalog