Stone MS Band

About the Bands

students playing instrumentsStone Bands have consistently received high ratings at district festivals, and many students perform in Solo and Ensemble Festival every year. Stone Middle School is supported by five feeder elementary schools (Virginia Run, Deer Park, Bull Run, Cub Run, and London Town), and after graduating, over 80% of eighth graders continue to perform in the Westfield High School Band, which is a Virginia Honor Band.


There are five ensembles in the Stone Band program. Students are sometimes required to attend rehearsals and sectionals both during and after school. Please review the FCPS Standard Course Offerings document for more details.

Band Objectives

  1. Demonstrate an appropriate understanding of intonation, balance, blend, and technique within the ranges achievable by each performing group, while working for continuous development of proficiency levels.
  2. Perform a variety of literature within the capabilities of each group, which will motivate students to improve.
  3. Demonstrate the behavior expected of all participating members.
  4. Develop proper instrument care skills.
  5. Develop an understanding of each student's responsibility to the group.
  6. Develop in each student the character traits necessary for success, such as discipline, cooperation, and persistence.
  7. Provide a closer relationship and smoother transition from the elementary school band, through the middle school band, and on to the high school band program.