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Learn about the Stone Middle School!

common sense schoolOrmond Stone Middle School was named for Ormond Stone, Professor of Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Virginia. In his retirement, Stone was a resident of Centreville who promoted improvements in public education and helped establish Fairfax County’s Public Library System. The school opened in 1991 with 700 students and currently our enrollment is about 800 students.

Stone Middle School Beliefs

  • Stone Middle School has an instructional program in which student engagement with learning is important. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of both the content and the process of learning. Teachers differentiate to meet the needs of students’ with varied learning styles and abilities. We believe all students can and will learn and we will prepare our students for the 21st Century.

Stone Middle School Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to build innovative learners through the lens of focused inquiry and purposeful rigor in order to develop life-long problem solvers. As a community, we are committed to building a positive learning environment that promotes students’ creative and critical thinking, encourages collaboration and communication, and instills students with the resilience to be productive global citizens.

Stone Middle School Vision Statement

  • It is our vision to provide students with the skills to become critical and creative thinkers today, innovators tomorrow.

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

Stone Middle School is a part of Region 5

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