After-School Program

Is your student interested in joining an after school activity or club?

Stone After-School Program Overview

The Stone Middle School “Prowlin’ Panthers” After-School Program is committed to promoting active participation in extracurricular activities to support the academic mission and enrich the lives of Stone students. These activities will be a blend of homework assistance, tutoring, school clubs, community service, arts and crafts, leadership, recreation and sports, and other activities.

Our shared philosophy is that students who engage in these programs are more likely to develop positive attitudes towards school, achieve full academic potential, and become productive citizens. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between their instructional studies, after-school activities, and other outside interests.  Throughout the course of this school year, your child will have an opportunity to get involved in an array of clubs, volunteer opportunities, and recreational activities.

All after-school information will be posted on both Stone's FCPS website and at

Late Buses

Students will be provided bus transportation home on late bus days (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays). Bus stops differ from the regular bus stops. Students should check the bus listings available in the lobby and main office. Bus routes will be available in early September. Families will be notified via a News You Choose message about how to access the late bus information. The After-School Program and late buses will begin on Monday, September 25th.

Late bus stops are not always the same as your child’s regular bus stop. Bus departures from Stone around 4:30pm and please be aware that some routes take over an hour to complete.


Students who stay after school may walk home no earlier or later than 3:30pm. This rule is in place as a safety precaution. This helps students avoid walking alone, crossing streets alone, walking in the dark and walking during high-traffic times. Please advise your child to cross at the lights when they walk home. We will not have crossing guards for After School hours, so students must use pedestrian safety rules and stoplights to cross safely.

Parent Pick-Up

Students may be picked up by parents at any time. Students participating in activities beyond 4:30pm must be picked-up by a parent. However, if a student is being picked up early from an activity, the parent must come into the main office, show proper identification and sign their child out. This can be disruptive to an activity, so please keep early check-outs to a minimum. Leaving early with a friend also requires a note from the parent.

Student Responsibilities

Students should contact the activity sponsor to discuss club details. Students are reminded to make prior arrangements with their teacher and notify parents (24 hours) before staying after school for academic assistance. Students are not permitted to exit the building prior to reporting for an after school activity. If students are present on the bus ramp or in the kiss and ride area at the regular departure time, they will be expected to proceed home in the established timely manner. Participants should report to the activity sponsor by 2:20 p.m. when attendance is taken and submitted to the office staff. Only these students will receive late bus transportation. Students attempting to board late buses without such approval will be subject to disciplinary action.

For more information about specific clubs and club signup visit our After-School Program website

Activity Priority

After school programs have been expanded to a five-day schedule to help alleviate potential conflicts and allow students an opportunity to access a broader range of offerings. If a conflict exists, students should honor their commitment for academic assistance in their core or high school credited subjects (math, science, social studies, English, or foreign language) followed by assigned detentions, assistance in other subject areas, and then enrichment programs. If conflicts regarding assigned detention cannot be resolved within a two-week period, teachers should contact their grade level administrator for assistance.

After Hours Emergency Contacts

For questions specific to after school activities, please contact Nick Anderson at via email at @email. If your child is considerably late returning home on a late bus from an after school activity, please contact the Office of Transportation Services at 571-423-2000. After 5:30 p.m., please direct your emergencies to School Security Services at 703-764-2400.

Questions about Stone After-School?

Contact our After-School Specialist, Nick Anderson at [email protected]