Attendance Procedures

Procedures and policies regarding student attendance

Stone Attendance Procedures


  • Report an absence or tardy using our attendance line at 703-631-5500 Option 1

Keep in Touch Automated Attendance System: Fairfax County has a call out system using Keep in Touch. Data for unverified and unexcused absences will be extracted twice daily from our computer system allowing calls and e-mails to be sent via Keep in Touch.

Student Absent: Call the attendance line, available 24 hours a day, at 703-631-5555 and leave a brief message with the following information:

  • Student’s first and last name (with spelling)
  • REASON for absence
  • Your name/relationship

If you forget to call on the day of the absence you must either call or send a note stating the reason for the student’s absence within 3 school days to excuse the absence.

Student Arriving Late: Call 703-631-5555, come in with student or send a note in with the student. The following information is necessary:

  • Student’s first and last name
  • Date of late arrival/REASON
  • Your name/signature/relationship

Student Leaving Early: Students must bring a note to the office BEFORE school starts. A pass will be issued and your student will be in the main office at the scheduled release time. A parent must come into the office to sign the child out. The following information is necessary on the note:

  • Student’s first and last name/grade
  • Your name/signature/relationship

We will not be able to accommodate walk-in check out after 2:00 p.m.

Prearranged Absences: If you know in advance that your child will be absent from school for 3+ days, please instruct him or her to visit the office with a note from the parent to obtain a prearranged absence form at least 72 hours before the date of the absence.

Excessive Excused or Unexcused Absences: School officials will request additional medical documentation to justify excessive daily absences. A Doctor’s note will be required when a student has accumulated 10 days of absences. Please refer to the updated Students Rights and Responsibilities Booklet for regulations regarding excused and unexcused absences.