Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year!

Please see below for information, updates and reminders from Stone Middle School.

Community Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning of Year FAQs



Can students bring their own laptops?

We would prefer for students to bring the school supplied laptops. Tech support will be limited to school laptops only. 

When will students receive laptops

During the first week of school students will receive their laptops and receive training on Schoology and SIS. 

Will students change classes

Students will change classes and will have A(odd) days and B(even) days. See the bell schedule here. 

Will there be gym uniforms

We will be able to use gym uniforms to change into and will have access to gym locker rooms. This will be managed with MySchoolBucks. More information to come regarding uniforms. 

Can the health forms be faxed to Stone?

Yes, if you have access to the original form. They can also be scanned and emailed. The most updated FCPS Health Form will be posted on the website as soon as we have it. Please find additional information about forms here. 

How do we indicate if a child is a bus rider or walker?

The initial survey asked if transportation was needed. 

Check ParentVUE transportation section to see bus # or contact Ms. Brummet at @email

What is the Stone cell phone policy?

Currently, the policy is students can use their cell phones during lunch. They must be away during classes or used only for instructional purposes. More information will be forthcoming around our Stone Expectations of respect, honesty and kindness. 

Free breakfast and lunch was mentioned.  Is this something that will continue the remainder of the year or is it just a temporary thing?

All students are eligible for one free breakfast and one free lunch each day. Find out more about school meals here.

If laptops start running low on batteries, will students have the ability to get them charged?

Students should charge their laptops at home each evening, so they have a fully charged laptop each day at school.  There will be times where there is a need to charge at school, and this will be available for students on an as-needed basis. 

When will we find out about transportation

Bus stops and route information will be shared with families via the ParentVue accounts. For more information about bus transportation, including how to access the Bus Delay Notification System, visit the Transportation page.

We will be dropping off and picking up our son via our vehicle. Where is the location for this?

The school has a Kiss and Ride similar to elementary school. There are cones, signage and school personnel available to assist each morning.

What time does Kiss and Ride start? 

The Kiss and Ride line will be available at 7:00 AM. The building will open to students at 7:10am through Door 2.

What time do they have to be physically in the building? Drop off time?

Please do not drop off earlier than 7:10. AM. Students need to physically be in the building by 7:20am to make it to class on time before 7:30am. 

Do they still need notebooks, pencils, paper on the first day of school?

The 2021-22 supply list information can be found on our school website. Students should plan to bring materials on the first day. 

Can siblings attend the Open House

Yes, this is an informal way for our students, parents and families to see the building and learn a little more about Stone.

What does back to school night look like?

Our Back-to-School Night will be in-person and invite parents/guardians only to attend this evening. During this time, you will have a chance to meet your child’s teachers and learn more about each of their classes. More information is forthcoming about this evening. 

How do I get communication from the school? 

You can opt in to our school’s News You Choose Newsletter that is sent out weekly. You can sign up here. These newsletters can also be found on our school homepage. 

Can we still register for Panther Jump Start

While it says registration has closed, please email Brooke Majors if you would like to join. 

Will there be another opportunity to walk the building

We will accommodate to make it work for students and parents to walk the building as needed prior to the start of the school year.  If you missed an opportunity, please email the principal directly.

When will schedules be available? When will SIS get updated for class schedules Schedules will be available in SIS beginning mid August and a paper copy will be available at the Open House, Student Orientation, and on the first day of school in the Main Office.

Get Signed Up!

FCPS uses many communication tools to connect with parents and guardians.

Kiss n Ride Procedures

Covid Processes for Stone Middle School

General Information and Processes

Covid Processes for Stone Middle School

Information below will be updated for the 2022-23 school year.

Information as it relates to Covid processes in place at Stone Middle School can be found below. We recognize how challenging of a time this continues to be and it is a collective effort from our students, staff and families to ensure we maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

FCPS requires everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask inside our buildings and on our school buses, except when alone in a room. This includes staff, students, and visitors. Read the FCPS Mask Regulation for more details.

We are committed to providing all students safe in-person instruction and ensuring our schools remain open for five days of in-person instruction. Our layered prevention strategies, including universal mask wearing, help to keep COVID-19 transmission in our schools low and our classrooms open for learning. It is especially important to protect our most medically vulnerable students who deserve the same opportunity to safely access in-person instruction as their peers. 

Questions about Covid processes? Please reach out to TBD.

Questions about student pauses or missed instruction? Please reach out to Sarah Elkalban at @email

When should I keep my child home from school?

  • If your child is symptomatic and awaiting test results, please have your child/student stay home until they receive their results. We are aware that test results are taking longer than expected due to the holiday.  
  • If your child has been in contact with someone who has tested positive but is asymptomatic, please stay home until you have received a negative test result.  
  • Anyone who is asymptomatic and was not exposed to anyone with COVID but chose to take a COVID test, does not need to wait for test results to come to school.

Consider the questions in the Health Screening Questionnaire each morning before sending your child to school. If you answered Yes to any of the questions, please keep your child home. 

Communicate with us quickly if you have information your child has Covid or likely has it.

What will happen if there is a student who tests positive for Covid in my child’s class?

If a student tests positive and was at school during the infectious period (within 48 hours of onset of symptoms), we will alert the entire school community. The school reviews seating assignments throughout the school day and identifies potential close contacts to the student who has tested positive for Covid-19. If your child is considered a potential close contact, we will notify you and your child by the end of the day. 

What determines if a student is a potential close contact to a known positive case?

The following are examples of individuals who would be considered a potential close contact: 

  • Students wearing masks who were less than 3 feet from a student case for 15 minutes or more in a school day
  • Students not wearing masks who were 6 feet or less from a student case for 15 minutes or more in a school day
  • Students masked or unmasked who were within 6 feet or less of a staff case for 15 minutes or more in a school day.

Students who have been identified as a close contact to someone with COVID-19 at school or a school-related activity (i.e. school-related exposure)

  • FCPS will follow Health Department guidance in identifying any potential close contacts from a school-related exposure and temporarily pause in-person instruction, athletics and school activities, or work for those individuals.
  • A close contact is defined as someone who has spent 15 minutes or more during a 24-hour period within 6 feet of someone who has tested positive. The CDC indicates a K-12 exception to this definition. In the K-12 indoor/outdoor classroom setting, the close contact definition excludes students who were within 3 to 6 feet of an infected student when:
    • Both students were engaged in consistent and correct use of well-fitting masks.
    • Other K-12 prevention strategies were in place in the K-12 school setting.
    • For the K-12 exception, the federal exception continues to include only indoor settings. However, FCPS is following the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) guideline that includes outdoor settings. The VDH guideline for pausing after close contact affects "Students wearing masks who were within 3 feet or less of a Student COVID case in the indoor or outdoor K-12 classroom setting for a cumulative amount of 15 minutes or more within 24 hours. 
    • This exception does not apply to teachers, staff or other adults in the indoor/outdoor classroom setting.
    • More information on contact investigations is available from the Fairfax County Health Department and the Virginia Department of Health
  • FCPS will send emails to parents/legal guardians for student close contacts in association to school-related exposures.  The close contact email will include all the necessary guidance for quarantining including information about testing and the vaccine verification survey. 
  • Students who are close contacts to a school-related exposure and required to quarantine are able to return to school when all the criteria for one of the two options below is met:
    • Option 1
      • Student completes five (5) days of quarantine; AND
      • Student is asymptomatic; AND
      • Student is able to wear a face mask for days 6-10 when around others; AND
      • Student submits FCPS Pause Letter with the return date to their attending school
    • Option 2
      • Student completes ten (10) days of quarantine; AND
      • Student submits FCPS Pause Letter with the return date to their attending school *Students with mask exemptions will need to utilize Option 2 to return from quarantine because they are unable to wear masks consistently.
  • The above options only apply to a student returning to in-person learning and school-sponsored activities. Other organizations, such as SACC, may have different requirements for return. 
  • Quarantine Exemption - Some students and staff may be exempt from quarantine if they meet the CDC criteria, are able to wear a face mask for 10 days, and are asymptomatic.
    • For the FCHD to evaluate students’ vaccination status, parents/guardians must complete the COVID Contact Vaccination Verification Survey. The health department will determine if the student meets the criteria to be exempt from quarantine and will provide a notification of clearance email to the parent/guardian submitting the vaccine survey for student to resume in-person learning and activities.
  • If close contacts become symptomatic during their quarantine period (Day 0-10), they need to remain out of school and school-related activities, including sports, until certain criteria is met.
    • Return to school and school-related activities criteria:
      • Documentation of a negative COVID-test; or
      • Documentation of an alternative diagnosis from a physician; or
      • Complete 10 days of isolation from the date of symptom onset AND symptoms are improving and fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication 
    • Student must submit a copy of the FCPS Pause Letter to their attending school.
  • Schools will send weekly notification to the entire school community notifying families of any positive cases that were reported during that week. If no cases have occurred that week, no communication will be sent to families. The FCPS COVID-19 Dashboard documents positive cases reported at schools and is updated daily for those who want to review case reporting throughout the week. 

* Please Note: The Fairfax County Health Department will only be contacting close contacts via email due to the significant increase in cases. Guidance regarding quarantine will be provided to those contacts in the email communication. 

Students who tested positive or have been diagnosed with COVID-19

Students who tested positive or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, may not return until all of the following have been met:

  • It has been at least ten (10) days since the student first had symptoms  (for symptomatic students) or 10 days since testing positive (day the test was administered) for COVID (for asymptomatic students) AND
  • The student must be fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication AND
  • The student’s symptoms have improved AND
  • Student submits the FCPS Isolation Letter with the return date to their attending school.

If your child tests positive or receives a COVID-19 diagnosis, please notify your school so that they can provide you with an Isolation Letter with the anticipated return to school date for your child. Information about COVID-19, including isolation, is available on the Fairfax County Health Department webpage.

If you have questions about COVID-19, please contact your child’s physician or the Fairfax County Health Department at 703-267-3511 (9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends). You may also email @email (monitored 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays).

What should my child do if they are instructed to pause or misses school?

Students who are paused for more than three school days will be contacted by a staff member on how to complete their work. Students will be should continue to check Schoology each day. Teachers are posting work that they are completing during classes and students are always welcome to message their teachers as well. 

StreamIN/CheckIN is available for students who are paused, quarantined, or isolated due to COVID-19 through the school, Health Department or a medical provider.

Overall Case Information

We cannot disclose details of the positive case to include the child's name, grade, classes or any additional information; or the staff member's name or assignment. The health department will contact you directly and will direct the appropriate students to quarantine. The school will notify the entire community when the contact tracing is complete. Once the Health Department has completed their investigation, we will also invite any student who was staying home per FCPS staff direction and who has not been required to quarantine per the Health Department to return to school.  

COVID-19 Case reported to the school for student, staff or visitor. School identifies potential close contacts to the positive case and sends pause letters to impacted families.  School identifies potential close contacts to the positive case and then sends pause letters to impacted families. The school notifies the Health Department and shares contact information for the positive case and potential close contacts.