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Mrs. Denisse Stein's Dedication to Family Engagement at Stone MS

November 18, 2023

November is National Family Engagement Month, and at Stone Middle School, we are proud to shine a spotlight on Mrs. Denisse Stein, our extraordinary family liaison. Mrs. Stein's role is not just a job; it's a commitment to building bridges of understanding and collaboration between our school and the diverse families we serve. As we celebrate this special month, we take a closer look at the impact Mrs. Stein has had on our community.

Building Bridges Through Compassionfamiliy liaison helping parent and student with technology

Mrs. Stein's commitment to the families of Stone Middle School goes beyond mere responsibilities. She is a vital link, fostering connections and understanding between the school and our diverse community. Her dedication is evident in when you step foot into our Family Engagement Center in Room 101. It is a welcoming and inclusive environment that provides family with a space to chat, access tools, gather resources and supports they need to guide their student to academic success. 

Empowering Families Through Education

Parent coffee sessions, supported by Mrs. Stein, have become a cornerstone of our community engagement efforts. Parents come together in a welcoming environment, sharing experiences and gaining valuable insights on monthly topics that can help them support their student. One parent shares, "Mrs. Denisse has been with us 100% step by step to give us the tools in everything related to technological assistance through meetings with teachers. She has provided us with all the things we need for my daughter to be a successful student."

Breaking Down Barriers with Technology

Recognizing the pivotal role technology plays in education, Mrs. Stein organized ParentVUE and Schoology daytime and evening support sessions for parents. She even took these sessions out in to community centers to make them more accessible for our diverse population. Parents learned to navigate these online platforms and grasp digital communication tools, empowering them to actively participate in their children's educational journey. 

Bridging Language Gaps

Mrs. Stein's commitment goes beyond the ordinary; she usually takes on the responsibility of Spanish translation herself. This proactive approach has played a significant role in fostering strong connections with families. Her dedication extends to breaking down language barriers within our diverse community. Mrs. Stein actively facilitates translation services for meetings, events, and conferences, ensuring that every family, regardless of their primary language, feels included and well-informed.

Beyond Academics: Clothing and Food Drives

Understanding that academic success is intricately tied to students' overall well-being, Mrs. Stein goes the extra mile by organizing clothing and food drives for our families. She ensures that every student has the essentials they need, creating an environment where they can focus on their studies without the distraction of unmet needs. Because of the relationships she has built with families in our community she is the first person they call when they have a need. As one grateful parent expressed, "Thank you very much Mrs. Denisse for your effort, dedication, and above all empathy."

A Heartfelt Tribute

In the spirit of National Family Engagement Month, we leave you with a heartfelt quote from a parent: "Mrs. Denisse, I am glad from the bottom of my heart that they dedicate this to you, a big hug. Thank you very much for your effort, dedication, and above all, empathy because you put yourself in the shoes of us parents, and that is why you help us move forward."

As we celebrate Mrs. Denisse Stein, let us acknowledge her as a true pillar of support for Stone Middle School families, embodying the spirit of empathy, dedication, and collaboration that defines the essence of family engagement in our school community.

Please visit our Family Engagement Resource page for resources, workshops and contact information for Mrs. Stein.