FCPSOn Laptop Health Check


FCPSOn Health Check

As we approach the fourth quarter, we need to make sure your FCPSOn laptop is healthy and ready for the end of the year! Follow the instructions below to help make sure you’re good to go!

If there are any issues with the device, submit a ticket using the Parent/Student Ticket portal (https://itweb.fcps.edu/itsupport/) or by calling 833-921-3277 as soon as possible. Replacement chargers can be purchased using the MySchoolBucks link on the Stone website (https://stonems.fcps.edu/).


● Please make sure that your laptop has a fully charged battery before coming into school or school grounds.

● Go to any FCPS site where FCPS WiFi is available in the parking lot (at most middle and high schools - the outdoor WiFi is strongest in the front parking near main entrance)

● Once on site, turn on the laptop and sign in.

● Double-click the FCPSOn_Healthcheck.exe icon on the desktop. Wait for the app to open.

● Once the FCPSOn HealthCheck app is open, restart the laptop by clicking on the Start menu, then the Power icon, and then Restart. Wait for the device to restart.

● When the device has completely restarted, sign into the device again and stay logged in for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  Restart the device and then shutdown.

 ●PLEASE NOTE: To properly shut down your computer, click on the Start menu, then the Power icon, and then Shut down. Do not shut down the device by pressing the power button.

● After the device has completely shut down, return home.


● While at home, turn on the device, log in, and make sure you’re connected to the internet.

● Leave the device on, logged in, plugged in to power for one hour so the device can download and prepare updates.

● Each day log onto the device and leave it on for at least 30 minutes and then Restart. (Make sure to Restart instead of Shut down so that updates are installed.) 


  • While on site, restart by clicking on the Start menu, then the Power icon, and then restart.
  • We will send Schoology reminders throughout the remainder of the year to help you remember this while at Stone.