2024 Westfield High School Bulldog Bootcamp for rising 9th graders

Bulldog Bootcamp is truly a great opportunity to start off on the right foot at Westfield High School.

Bulldog Bootcamp is staffed by faculty and student leaders, as well as administrators and counselors!  This provides a great opportunity to meet important leaders and make connections within Westfield before school starts.  

Activities & Events

Student leaders will take participants on guided tours of Westfield HS, and include answers to important questions. Which stairwells are most crowded?  Where do the freshmen hang out? What is a subschool?  What about lockers? Where do I go to get questions answered? etc.

Motivational speakers will include administrators, faculty leaders and students. Instructional seminars will be held by faculty leaders about such topics as college and career goals, scheduling experiences, AP/Honors classes, electives experience, and academy experiences.

Leadership and Student Government representatives will be hands-on to share their Westfield experiences and why students should be involved in Leadership & SGA.   These students will also serve as daily greeters, table leaders and talk with the rising 9th graders about some of the activities and school events that are planned by the Student Leadership team.  They will share personal experiences about clubs, sports, homecoming, school climate and more!

Concessions will be open for students to purchase snacks and water. Other activities during the boot camp include games from the student leaders, an end of camp celebration, Team Building activities, and every camper will receive a Bulldog Bootcamp goodie bag.  

Who:  Rising 9th grade (Class of 2028) session - $75 for 3 days 

When:  August 5 - August 7 from 9am-12pm 

Registration due by July 12, 2024

Rising 9th Grade - Class of 2028 Bulldog Bootcamp Registration 

Payment accepted in MySchoolBucks.

If you would like to donate towards a registration fee for another student, please use the Bulldog Bootcamp Donation link.